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LARAN: ISIS attack in Libya, Italy must the lead in stabilization

Dec 26 2018
Riccardo Ferretti

Tatiana Basilio, President of Laran The terrorist attack at the Foreign Ministry in Tripoli, claimed by ISIS, demonstrates how the stability of the country is still far away and that it is necessary that Italy put more efforts in that country, taking a proactive role before Libya sinks into chaos. Preventing ISIS from owning strongholds in North Africa should be in the interest of all European countries (some of which are certainly not exempt from responsibility for the current Libyan…

Cyber security

Dec 24 2018
Riccardo Ferretti

Extract from the interview with Massimo Artini published on the Affari e Finanza insert of La Repubblica of 24 December 2018. "Italy? It performs well considering the amounto of investments ", underlines Massimo Artini, an entrepreneur, former M5S parliamentarian, former vice-president of the Defense Committee of the Chamber. "The appointment of Baldoni as chief of national cybersecurity has led to several steps forward. But our agencies work with too limited funds. The last targeted loan is the 150 million euro…