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Cyber security

Dec 24 2018
Riccardo Ferretti

Extract from the interview with Massimo Artini published on the Affari e Finanza insert of La Repubblica of 24 December 2018.

“Italy? It performs well considering the amounto of investments “, underlines Massimo Artini, an entrepreneur, former M5S parliamentarian, former vice-president of the Defense Committee of the Chamber. “The appointment of Baldoni as chief of national cybersecurity has led to several steps forward. But our agencies work with too limited funds. The last targeted loan is the 150 million euro of 2015 given by the Renzi government. Then nothing else. We do not have the resources for an effective defense strategy “.

But in Italy there are very good assets. In addition to Leonardo there are Elettronica and Vitrociset that have cutting-edge solutions. “It would take half a billion euros a year to have facilities capable of dealing with any threat”, adds Artini.

The “fifth domain”, the digital one, is a battlefield. It is well known, you can often read chronicles of data theft, manipulation, intrusions, espionage. Yet we continue to play a fundamental game with ridiculous resources compared to other countries.

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