Laran is an independent, non-partisan association that offers its services as a resource for policymakers, government officials, public entities and companies operating in defense, security, international relations and energy sectors, to guide them in making the right decisions.

In order to act effectively in the current national and international context, it is necessary to be regularly updated and aware of ongoing realities and trends. In particular, decisions on international and security policy and defense procurement require that political, corporate and institutional decision-makers have detailed knowledge of the issues which they are called to deal with.

Since 2016 we have entertained the idea of taking concrete action to satisfy the need for reliable information and to advance the defense culture in Italy. This idea became a reality in 2018 with the foundation of Laran Cultural Association.

Drawing on the experience of the founding members within the Italian Parliament and in the context of the analysis of defense and international relations sectors, Laran is able to foster relations between the acting parties and provide analysis and advice, as well as offer specific training courses.

Laran is active in the following sectors:

  • Defense, National and International Security, Civil Protection;
  • Defense and Cyber Security;
  • Geopolitics and International Relations;
  • Military Policy and Defense Industry;
  • Energy and Resources;
  • Organizational Development.